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Case 1:

Mr and Mrs Chohan, both in their 70s had been rejected thrice for their B-1/B-2 Visa application in 2004, 2010 and lastly in 2014. They wanted to visit their daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren. They came to know about us in August 2019 and described how badly they want to visit US and see for themselves how well their daughter is living her life. We worked on their case and assured them if trained properly, they will certainly get their visa. They reiterated the questions asked by the VO in earlier interviews and their answers. We felt that they are nervous, unprepared and inadvertently make themselves appear as prospective immigrants although that was never their intentions. They were answering what they felt was right, completely unaware that those might not be the right answers in the eyes of VO. Their mock interviews was conducted almost 6 times over a period of 3 days. They understood where they were going wrong and were ready to apply.

Their visa interview was successful! They made a two months travel to the USA and returned with fond memories of their stay. Mr and Mrs Chohan are happy to share their experience with ourfuture clients upon request.

Case 2:

Ms Mittal, a divorcee, single parent and her mid 40s was applying for tourist visa for USA for the first time. Normally, she would not qualify as our client having no rejection but her case study revealed she is most certainly going for a rejection. Her daughter was in process of applying to an US university starting in Fall of 2016. She was also supposed to apply for her F-1 Visa. Ms Mittal had no assets, no properties or a business to show her ties back to India. On the contrary, she is computer literate and well skilled professional who might get a job in USA. Hence, if her daughter is granted a visa and her mother is applying for a visit visa, it would most certainly look like she wants to migrate and settle in USA.

After an extensive training, unlearning and learning sessions and mock interviews, Ms Mittal was successful in getting her visa. She had already made multiple trips to the USA and is ready to share her experience with anyone on request.

Case 3:

Mrs Tiwari, 70, had been rejected four times during last 18 years. Her son and son’s family went to USA in 2002 and are American citizens via L-1 route. Mrs Tiwari is a widow with no substantial proof to show her ties back to India. She had no travel history too. After four rejections, she had already given up the idea of applying again and lost all hopes. She was content that her son and his family comes to India every 2-3 years.

Her son approached us from Chicago and asked us to go through her case details. After many interactions, we assured all of them that it is best to apply once again and that she will be successful in her application. Mrs Tiwari, herself a very good self-representing person, took the training very seriously and dedicatedly. During mock interviews, she would often say that if she keeps answering in this manner, she would herself not give her a visa. Such was her attention to the training. She has been granted a visa and made one six month trip to the USA. She is also ready to share her experience with anyone on request.

Case 4:

Mrs Patel, 75, a retired nurse, a widow, no travel history apart from a gulf country, with no relatives in the USA wanted to apply for a visa to meet her friend in the USA. With a bank balance of less than one lac Rs., the visa and the travel will be sponsored by the friend. Her case was also complicated further as the friend has met her only once in last twenty years, making it difficult to explain the purpose of the application.

A lady of strong determination, she took the counselling from me when her son suggested me to her. The entire training took a week and she successfully got her visa. She is also ready to share her experience with anyone on request.