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About Visa Rejected

Let us start by saying “We are not a visa consultant”. We an assortment of like-minded travellers with varied interests and know how’s in different visa types and their processing. This group has been providing visa counselling for last 10 years to friends, family and relatives. In 2019, we all decided to monetize this skillset and started offering our services professionally.

Our journey started with the first step, taken by a businessman whose US visa was rejected in 2002 and who started researching on the process of visa interviews and analysing the statistics available online, with the sole aim of equipping himself to present his case better. During his research, he met people going through the same dilemma and subsequently a small informal group emerged, from ‘I’ we became ‘Us’.

With time we started being approached by family members and relatives to counsel them on their visa applications. With time, friends of my friends and their friends approach me to counsel on their cases. Our passion and our zeal to deal with every case individually has resulted in absolute success. People who have benefitted from our knowledge, successfully persuaded me to reach out to a wider audience by offering this service professional way, thus visarejected.com.

We prefer to call ourselves “visa interview counsellors”. We come from various walks of life, we have our primary business and jobs, and this venture of visarejected.com is fuelled by our passion and thrill of new challenges. Monetization of our hobby is definitely a boost but is certainly not the primary reason behind this venture.