Welcome to Visa Rejected

Let us start by saying “We are not a visa consultant”. We an assortment of like-minded travellers with varied interests and know how’s in different visa types and their processing. This group has been providing visa counselling for last 10 years to friends, family and relatives. In 2019, we all decided to monetize this skillset and started offering our services professionally.

  • Case Study and documentation
  • Reapplication outcome assessment
  • Interview preparation and Outcome
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Our Working Models

If your or your parents b1-b2 visa has been rejected and if you are
seeking our council, the first step would be

In this you will be required to send documents (a list will be provided) via email or courier. This would include your financial documents, the reason for visit to US etc. You pay nothing at this stage.


After careful screening of your documents and discussion with you (offline or online), we will assess the likeliness of the visa being granted. If we find your case fit for reapplication, only then we will be able to assess the service fees and you will be informed accordingly. At this juncture you may want to proceed to point 3 or you are free to apply by yourself or through any other professional. You have paid nothing yet and still you will be knowing why your visa was rejected earlier, which in turn will help you to present your case better.


If you agree on our consultation fee and have paid it fully in advance, we will require your consent on an agreement that would specify the professional and client relationship. After this agreement is signed. we start working on your case. Based on your circumstances, we will build a specific case study for you and based on that we will prepare you for the visa interview. This would include coaching you, rectifying your psychological fear, mock interviews (this can be done either online or at a place of your convenience in India UAE and US). You have paid the service fee here.


After your interview, if Visa is granted, we will need few inputs about your interview and a feedback from you. However, if your visa is denied, the total service fee would be refunded to you within 3-4 working days, after you have provided the inputs as mentioned before.